I’m A Poet And I didn’t Know It!

Empty Classroom

I entered our classroom today

I knew you wouldn’t be there

I stood and glanced at your books

That you kept with such care

There was no laughter, no register, no cheeky smiles

But I’m left with your hard work just lying here in piles


You have come a long way, I thought to myself

You can reason, read, write and explore

But I had so much more to teach you

I wish I could teach you a little more


For the first time, I entered our classroom with neither drive nor passion

I wiped clean your empty desks and chairs

And kept thinking, how could this happen?


You were a tough class to teach

But do you know what?

I miss it.


I miss your questions, your funny answers and your desire to learn

Your curiosity,your kindness and never waiting your turn

You’re a talented, little group of people

And I wanted to say

Your Teacher is holding onto your hard work

Until you return

By    Ms. N  Aslam

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