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Rocket Day In Nursery.

The children enjoyed tasting some space food today. They said it tasted ‘yummy’ but felt a bit strange in their mouths! We also enjoyed...   Read More

Non Standard Units Of Measure In Nursery.

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Today we thought about how we are going to measure the flowers we’re growing in our outdoor area. The children drew their own flowers...   Read More

Stars Of The Week ⭐️

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Well done to our stars of the week: Kaydan, Scarlett, Taya-Willow, and Charlie B. What a great week you have all had in Nursery!

Cards From Spain 🇪🇸

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The children were delighted to receive a parcel full of cards from our partner school in Malaga, Spain. They loved looking at the photos...   Read More

Tales Toolkit In Nursery.

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We’ve used the tales Toolkit symbols to make up stories in Nursery today. We used chalk, pens and large actions to help retell each...   Read More

More Nursery Easter Songs.

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Here’s another Easter song we’ve learnt this week in Nursery.

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