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Sound And Light Day In Nursery

This week we have been exploring the themes of sound and light as part of our science work. The children explored listening to and...   Read More

E-Safety Advice For Parents

Please see the link below for some useful E-safety advice from the National Online Safety website. The page contains helpful tip sheets for a...   Read More

Exploring Computer Programmes In Nursery

This week in Nursery, the children have enjoyed exploring the online programme ‘Busy Things’. They have taken turns to select an activity, such as...   Read More

Our Families

This week Nursery have been reading the book ‘Heather has two mummies’ and the poem ‘Families are all different’. Yesterday we enjoyed talking about...   Read More

Nursery Family Treee

We would love to have some more photos of our children and their families to add to our ‘Family Tree’ display. Please could you...   Read More

Exploring Chinese Culture In Nursery

We’re continuing to explore different aspects of Chinese culture in Nursery A today. We’ve tried on different clothing from China, looked at the decorations...   Read More

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