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Chinese New Year

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This week, we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We listened to and retold the story of the zodiac and then had...   Read More

Willow Pattern Story Predictions

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This week, we have started our new story in English called the Willow Pattern story. For our task today, we had to work as...   Read More

Poetry Day – Ian Bland 📝

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Today we had a brilliant day listening to, writing and performing poetry. This morning we had an assembly where we listened to (and helped!)...   Read More

Science Day – Electricity 💡

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On Friday, we learnt lots of new things about electricity. We considered the effect that electricity has had on our lives and how it...   Read More

Black History Month!

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As October was Black History Month, we spent some time learning about some influential people in history. We were learning about Nelson Mandela. Before...   Read More

Art Day!

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Yesterday, we worked with Louise to create some Egyptian Art. First of all, we made our own version of papyrus and it was very...   Read More

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