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⚽️ Our Reception Team ⚽️

⚽️⚽️ Reception’s football team went to the Etihad, they were treated to a skills session before playing their first competition against other school teams!...   Read More

🕺🏾Dancing 💃

Our dance group tried on their new hoodies for a festival they will be taking part in next month.

🗳 School Is Closed Tomorrow 🗳

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School is closed to pupils tomorrow for the General Election

🗳Rack House Election 2019🗳

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Our children used their right to have an opinion and to be listened to- Article 12, today. They studied the 3 main parties manifesto’s...   Read More

🗳 Rack House Election 🗳

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🗳Our polling stations are ready for our election tomorrow. We’re excited to see who our children’s vote will go to.🗳

🎅🏼Thank You 🎅🏼

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🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼Thank you to Paige, Laylah, Sarah, Armani, Alisee, Ramone, Callum, Lilly and Esme for being elves in Santa’s Grotto! You were a great help...   Read More

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