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E-Safety Day!

Last week the children in 3JW, learnt all about E-Safety day! The children learnt about how to stay safe, be good friends and responsibly...   Read More

Rock Detectives!

3JW investigated rocks and minerals this week in Science, investigating different rock types and how we can classify them! The children enjoyed touching, looking...   Read More

Shape Poems!

Last week, 3JW planned, drafted, edited and wrote up beautiful shape poems in English. The poem was in the shape of a love heart...   Read More

Christmas Pantomime!

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Christmas Pantomime! The children in Years 1-4 enjoyed a trip to watch a fantastic Christmas pantomime this afternoon and 3JW were all extremely excited!...   Read More

3JW Romans!

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3JW embraced the Roman culture this week, from writing formal letters to watching chariot racing and recounting the information in a diary. On Wednesday,...   Read More

Sharing Time

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During some sharing time in 3JW, both Adan and Dina brought in books that were very special to them that related to our current...   Read More

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