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Year3-JWComments Off on Teeth!

The school nurse came to visit us in our Science lesson today, to help us learn more about teeth and how to keep them...   Read More

Egyptian Gods And Goddesses Art Work

Year3-JWComments Off on Egyptian Gods And Goddesses Art Work

The children completed their fantastic pieces of art related to Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. The children sketched Gods and Goddesses of their choice,...   Read More

Anti Bullying Week Poster

Year3-JWComments Off on Anti Bullying Week Poster

Year 4 had the opportunity to learn all about anti bullying, during informative assemblies, PSHE lessons and class discussions. We were tasked with creating...   Read More

Talented Girls

Year3-JWComments Off on Talented Girls

A small group of girls from the class all decided that in their spare time at break and lunch, they would create a performance...   Read More

Pen Licence!

Year3-JWComments Off on Pen Licence!

Chai’ anne received a very important award this week for her excellent hand writing and hard work. A pen licence is very difficult to...   Read More

World Science Day

Year3-JWComments Off on World Science Day

The children enjoyed participating in World Science day last week, learning all about ocean pollution in regards to food chains and ecosystems. The children...   Read More

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