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Exploring Volume

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This morning, our Maths has focused on creating shapes using the same number of cubes. We have discussed the relationship between the number of...   Read More

Rights Respecting

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5CR have been looking at the Rights Respecting Articles of the UN rights of a child Convention. Today, we acted out an article using...   Read More

World Culture Day

Global CurriculumYear5-CRComments Off on World Culture Day

5CR are creating holiday brochures to encourage people to visit Budapest, the capital of Hungary. We have used all of our persuasive writing skills...   Read More

Our trip to the Police Museum

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Today we have been very busy travelling to Manchester in order to visit the Greater Manchester Police Museum where we took part in a...   Read More

Equilibrium Budgeting Activities

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This morning, we have been working through lots of budgeting activities based around Grandad’s trips with his grandson, Jack. Thinking about how we use...   Read More

Parachute Problems!

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We have been investigating the effects of air resistance on objects using parachutes to visualise the concept.

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