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17-18: NurseryComments Off on Numicon

We had fun in Maths today counting the large Numicon pieces and making our own human number line!

Counting Jungle Animals

17-18: NurseryComments Off on Counting Jungle Animals

In Nursery this week, the children have engaged in an open ended maths activity with some jungle animals. The children have matched the magnetic...   Read More

Funky Fingers

17-18: NurseryComments Off on Funky Fingers

The children enjoyed developing their fine motor skills by taking on our Autumn Funky Fingers Challenge, threading the beads onto the twigs.

New Small World Area

17-18: NurseryComments Off on New Small World Area

This week the Nursery children have been using their imaginations and developing their communication and language skills by playing in our new Small World...   Read More

Painting In Nursery

17-18: NurseryComments Off on Painting In Nursery

This week in Nursery we have given our painting table a bit of a twist by covering it with foil. The children have really...   Read More

Planting Bulbs In The Outdoor Area

17-18: NurseryComments Off on Planting Bulbs In The Outdoor Area

In Nursery we have been preparing for Spring by planting tulip and daffodil bulbs in our Outdoor Area. This generated lots of questions about...   Read More

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