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Counting Caterpillars

This week in Reception we have been counting to 5. Today we helped the caterpillar to count the spots on his body using some...   Read More

Owl Babies

In Reception 2, we have been reading the story Owl Babies. Today we have painted some fantastic pictures of owls and some of us...   Read More

Volcanic Islands

16-17: Year3Comments Off on Volcanic Islands

This morning Year 3 have been designing our own volcanic islands and thinking about natural and man made features. This afternoon we will be...   Read More

Fantastic Forces

16-17: Year3Comments Off on Fantastic Forces

Yesterday Year 3 had a great day learning all about forces. We were able to build our own paper aeroplanes and test them to...   Read More

Equivalent Fractions

16-17: Year3Comments Off on Equivalent Fractions

This morning in Maths, Year 3 have been making an equivalent fraction wall using different coloured card. We will be using this to help...   Read More

Model Volcanoes

Year 3 had a great day yesterday making model volcanoes using a variety of different materials.

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