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Computing In 5LH

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The children have been using Sketch Up to create a 3D shape. They will use this programme next time to create a 3D virtual...   Read More

Rocket Day

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Year 5 had a great day making model rockets last week! We really annoyed it when we got to test them out in the...   Read More

Angel Falls Adverts

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5LH have been learning all about the world’s largest waterfall, Angel Falls. They worked in partners to research and then created a persuasive advert...   Read More

Investigating Friction

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5LH have been investigating the effect of friction by testing different materials!

World Culture Day

Global CurriculumYear5-LHComments Off on World Culture Day

5LH have had a busy day celebrating World Culture Day! We created fact files of different Eastern European countries, then converted different currencies in...   Read More

Manchester Police Museum

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Year 5 enjoyed their trip to the Manchester Police Museum yesterday!

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