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Year3-SCComments Off on Fractions!

Year 3 impressed me yesterday during this year’s first lesson on fractions. Their understanding was fantastically illustrated during their exploring. Here is a wonderful...   Read More

World Culture Day

Year3-SCComments Off on World Culture Day

It wouldn’t be Italian day without tasting some traditional food!! Yum

Newspaper Reports

Year3-SCComments Off on Newspaper Reports

Year 3 have been inspired to write their own newspaper reports after reading ‘A Lion in Paris’. Absolutely superb work today guys!

Van Gogh Inspired Art

Year3-SCComments Off on Van Gogh Inspired Art

Year 3 have had a superb afternoon using different materials to recreate Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflower painting 🌻

World Book Day!

Year3-SCComments Off on World Book Day!

The children have been learning about Emily Gravett today. After reading the story ‘The Odd Egg’ they changed sone of the ideas and create...   Read More

Anglo Saxon Village

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Year 3 have been busy this afternoon creating their very own Anglo Saxon village. Great job guys!

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