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The Fresh Water Theatre Company

What a great time Year 2 had with the Fresh Water Theatre Company! They transported back to 1666 and got to really experience what...   Read More

Sentence Types

In English, we looked at different sentence types (command, question and exclamation sentences). We used a painting of the Great Fire of London to...   Read More

3D Shapes

In maths, we looked at different ways we could group 3D shapes. The children really impressed me by grouping shapes by their properties. Good...   Read More

SATs are over

SATs are over so we decided to have the afternoon off to watch a film and have extra play as a little well done...   Read More

Descriptive Writing

Yesterday, we used thesauruses to look for amazing vocabulary to describe the fire, during the summer of 1666. We then came up with lots...   Read More

The Great Fire Of London Timeline

Year 2 had a great topic lesson today! They did a fantastic job at placing the events of The Great Fire of London in...   Read More

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