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Unicef - Silver - Rights RespectingAt Rack House Primary School we are committed to ensuring children’s well-being is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to help our pupils grow into confident, caring and responsible young people both in school and within the wider community and realise their potential.

We are a Silver UNICEF recognised Rights Respecting School because we have embedded the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) within our whole school ethos. As a whole school we will continue to help children enjoy their rights in a respectful way.

Rights Respecting 1We are proud to be a silver Rights Respecting school. Here are some examples of the RR work we have done in school to help us achieve our silver status:
Shoe Share Appeal
Throughout our classes we taught children the ABCDE of Rights, following are are some blogs from various classes:
Room to Think – UN ABCDE of Rights
Room to Think – ABCDE of Rights Respecting
Year 5 – Rights Respecting
Our year 6 children had an opportunity to work with the Red Cross to learn about refugees. They learnt the importance of not stereotyping as it can be offensive and untrue. They learnt the difference between a refugee and an asylum seeker and that if a person has entered the country as either of these statuses, they have not done so illegally.

Rights Respecting 2As a Rights Respecting School, we follow article 22 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the child – you have the right to special protection and help if you are a refugee, as well as having all the rights in the convention. It is important for our children to understand exactly what this means.

We follow Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of the child – everyone has the right to a clean, safe environment!
Room to Think – Sale Circle Project

Steering Group
Our Rights Respecting Steering Group meet regularly throughout the year. Each half term they take ideas from their whole class for us to discuss, making sure we follow Article 12 – all children have the right to a voice. We then choose some ideas to take to Mr Amesbury. For example, this is how our Buddy Bench came about.

Our curriculum topics are linked to specific Articles within the UNCRC. This gives opportunity to discuss these rights both in relation to themselves and other children around the world.

Our Behaviour policy is built around the right to be heard and kept safe. We follow the restorative justice approach to behaviour management.

School policies reflect the Articles of the UNCRC demonstrating the whole school commitment to embedding them within the school ethos.

All our displays throughout school include the key articles that accompany the theme of that display.

Rights Respecting 3

Every year one child from each class is democratically elected by their peers to be a Rights Respecting Councillor and one child is elected as an Eco Warrior. Our Eco Warriors and gardening club look after the school and wider community environment.

What is the UNCRC?
In 1989 UNICEF established a set of 54 Articles known as the Convention for the Rights of the Child. The convention applies to every child under the age of 18, without discrimination, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language, abilities, whatever they think or say, whatever their family background. Almost every country in the world has signed this convention to uphold the Articles within their country and do all it can to protect children’s rights. The convention underpins everything UNICEF does around the world.

The convention recognises that all children and young people have the right to be treated with dignity and fairness, to be protected, to develop to their full potential and to participate. Every adult is a duty bearer and it is their responsibility to ensure children’s rights are protected.

Here is the link to UNICEF’s web page, and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Child-Friendly Language, for more information:
Unicef – UN Child Rights
Unicef – Child Friendly Language

What does it mean to be Rights Respecting?
The RRSA focuses on children’s rights in schools and takes a whole-school approach to child rights and human rights education. A UNICEF Rights Respecting School is a community where children’s rights are learned, taught, practised, respected, protected and promoted.

By learning about their rights, our pupils also learn about the importance of respecting the rights of others i.e. their responsibilities. Pupils at Rack House Primary School are encouraged to reflect on how their behaviour and actions affect those around them which allows us to build and maintain a positive and safe learning environment for all.

The link below gives more information regarding the award, including a link where you can read the articles of the UNCRC:
Unicef – Introducing the CRC

For more information regarding Rights Respecting at Rack House, please feel free to speak to Mr Corbett or Mrs Nilan.


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