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You have established a dynamic and knowledgeable leadership team that is making many improvements, especially in relation to pupils’ outcomes…..
Staff have stated that they are proud to work at the school…..
The members of the governing body are knowledgeable….
Governors and your highly effective leadership team share an ambition that all pupils will succeed – Ofsted Short Inspection, March 2018

Name Role Responsibility
Mr Darren Amesbury
Headteacher Leadership & School Improvement, Child Protection, Assessment, CPD, Performance. Management
Miss O’Connor Year 6 Teacher TLR Maths / MFL
Mrs Power
Year 6 Teacher Assistant Headteacher Year 4 to 6 Assessment / Behaviour / English
Mrs Butler Year 6 Teacher TLR Assessment / Science / Behaviour
Miss McGovern Year 5 Teacher English Lead / Topic
Miss Hodgkins
Year 5 Teacher TLR Topic Lead / D&T 
Miss Cosgrove Year 4 Teacher Maths / Art
Miss Greenhalgh Year 4 Teacher
Miss Williams
Year 4 Teacher TLR Lower KS2  ICT / Art
Mrs Ratcliffe
Year 4 Teacher RE
Mr O’Toole Year 3 Teacher P.E. / Art
Mrs Brown Year 3 Teacher EAL / Topic
Mrs Tilbury Year 2 Teacher TLR KS1 / EAL / Assessment KS1
Mrs Aslam
Year 2 Teacher Science / Music
Miss Hall
Year 1 Teacher Phonics
Miss Haque Year 1 Teacher
Miss Tyrrell Reception 1 Teacher
Mr Whelan Reception 2 Teacher RE / G&T
Mrs Starczewska Teacher Nursery ICT
Mrs Betts
Teacher Nursery MFL
Mr Koralambe
Teacher Nursery Music / D&T
Miss Conway Teacher Assistant Headteacher / Early Years Lead / Assessment / Behaviour
Mrs Ward Teacher Assistant Headteacher Year 1 to 3 Assessment / Behaviour
Mrs Hanson Teacher SENDCO / Resourced Provision
Mr Parkhill Teacher G&T Maths
Mr Calame Peripatetic Music Teacher 
Name Role Name Role
Miss J Locke School Business Manager Mr T Roberts School Site Manager, H&S
Mrs A Nilan Lead HLTA / Head Pastoral Care / Attendance Lead /  After School / PSHE / P.E. / R.E. / Behaviour Mr R Corbett  HLTA Pastoral Care / PSHE / School Councillors
Miss J Kelly Attendance/Parental support/Safe Guarding Lead Mrs V Hardman Administrator
Mr Martin T/A Year 6 / Behaviour / Team Teach Trainer Mrs Watkins T/A Year 6
Mr Butler KS2 Floating TA Miss  McClendon T/A Year 5
Mrs Smith T/A Year 5 Mrs Orton T/A Year 5
Miss Walsh T/A Year 4 Mrs Jarvis T/A Year 4
Mrs Baird T/A Year 4 Mrs Clutton T/A Year 3
Mrs Bott T/A Year 3 Mrs Begum T/A Year 3
Ms Cooper T/A Year 2 Mrs McKinley T/A Year 2
Mrs Conway T/A Year 1 Mrs Rowley T/A Year 1
Mrs Matthews T/A Reception 1 Mrs McCormick T/A Reception 2
Mrs Scholes T/A Nursery Miss Bailey T/A Nursery
Miss Secker T/A Nursery Mrs Bartholomew T/A Lead 2 Year Old Provision
Mrs Husain Asaad T/A 2 Year Old Provision Miss Smith T/A 2 Year Old Provision
Miss Hardy TA 2 Year Old Provision Mr Annett TA
Miss Martin Cleaner / Kitchen Assistant / Breakfast Assistant Mrs Jones Caretaker / L.O.
Miss Walton Cleaner Mrs Box Breakfast Assistant / L.O. / Cleaner
Mrs Singh Cleaner Mrs Hildebrandt Breakfast Assistant/L.O./Cleaner
Mr K Amesbury Kitchen Manager Mr Heslop Kitchen Assistant /
Miss Martin Kitchen Assistant Mrs Davies Kitchen Assistant
Miss O’Brien Kitchen Assistant Miss Lundin Kitchen Assistant
Miss A Wolstenholme L.O. 2 Year Old Provision Mrs L Wolstenholme L.O. 2 Year Old Provision
Mrs Shaw L.O. Mrs Stealey L.O.
Mrs Tong L.O. Cleaner Miss Royle L.O.
Mrs Golds L.O. Mrs Derbyshire L.O.
Miss Nevins L.O. Miss Simpson L.O.
Mrs Rafay L.O. L.O.
Governing Body
Ken Ashberry Chair of Governors Mr Amesbury Headteacher
Simon Millman Co-OptedGovernor Harry Jones Co-OptedGovernor
Louise Rainey Co-Opted Governor Lucy Neukom Co-Opted Governor
Abbie Power Staff Governor Sarah Russell Co-Opted Governor
Helen Singh Parent Governor Michael Wiglesworth Parent Governor


The Governing Body has a strategic role, and is accountable for its decisions. It sets aims and objectives and agrees, monitors and reviews policies,targets and priorities.

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