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Name Role Responsibility
Darren Amesbury
Headteacher Leadership & School Improvement, Child Protection, Assessment, CPD, Performance. Management
Cathie MacPherson Deputy Headteacher, Year 6 Teacher Music, Topic, G&T, D&T
Abbie Talbot Year 6 Teacher English, G&T, MFL
Tonie Farrell Year 5 Teacher NQT
Mary Worthington Year 5 Teacher Mathematics, Art
Katie Butler Year 4 Teacher Assistant Head Teacher Key Stage 2

Mathematics, Assessment Behaviour

Jennifer Williams Year 4 Teacher ICT, Art
Olivia Holden Year 3 Teacher NQT
Emily O’Connor Year 3 Teacher
Samantha Clarke Year 2 Teacher NQT
Amanda Ward Year 2 Teacher Assistant Head Teacher Key Stage 1, English, Assessment
Nadia Aslam Year 1 Teacher
Vicky Taylor Year 1 Teacher ELA
Natalie Betts /

Michelle Starczewska

Reception 2 Teacher

Reception 2 Teacher

MFL, Science


Sarah Conway Reception 1 Teacher Assistant Head Teacher EYFS, Assessment, Behaviour
Alice Ingram Nursery Teacher  Maternity Leave
Elizabeth Lugsden Nursery Teacher  Humanities
Venetia Gillies Nursery Teacher P.E. Curriculum, R.E.
Catherine Lingard Resourced Provision Teacher Resourced Provision
Naomi Fearon Resourced Provision Teacher Resourced Provision Leader, PSHE
Katie Hanson Teacher SENCO
Catherine Evans Teacher  RE
Ann-Marie Fittock Teacher
David Parkhill Teacher
Byron Calame Peripatetic Teacher
 Kate Spink  Teacher  Maternity Leave
 Emma Tickle Teacher supporting Year 2


Name Role Name Role
Trisha Stevenson School Business Manager, EVC, SLT, Safeguarding Brian Johnson Site Manager, H&S, ICT (hard ware), Breakfast  co-ordinator..
Cyanne Holt Administrator, First Aider Linda Jones Caretaker
Angela Nilan HLTA, Behaviour, P.E. (after school), PSHE Lynne Matthews Reception 2 Breakfast Club
Sam Bartholomew Nursery Key Person, After School Club Sumi Begum Maternity Leave
Kristina Conway TA Year 3 (MO), After School Club First Aider Tracey McCormick TA Reception 1 (SC), After School Care Leader
Calum Savage TA Resource Provision, After School Club Helen Bott TA Year 5 (TF), After School Club
Louise Baird TA Reception 1 (SC), After School Club, First Aider Tom Bainbrige  Sports Coach
Richard Corbett Student Counsellor, Safeguarding Vivienne Clutton  TA Year 3 (OH)
June Walsh TA Year 6 (CM), After School Club Emily Duckworth TA Year 6 (AT) 1:1 Support
Bernadette Bowles TA Resource Provision, After School Club Dayle Anderson TA Year 2 (AW), After School Club
Shogufta Ahmed TA Year 4 (JW) 1:1 Support, After school club Karen Shaw TA Year 5 (AT)
Sarah Rowley TA Year 1 (VT), After School Club Amanda Morgan Catering Manager
Emma Drury TA Year 5 (MW) After school club Katie Goodwin Maternity Leave
Jenny Kelly Attendance Officer, Family Support Worker and Safeguarding, First Aider Rebecca Waters Breakfast Club, Catering Assistant
Clare Watkins TA 1:1 Support Year 4 (KB) Rosa Box Breakfast Club, Cleaner, Lunchtime Organiser
Tracey Davies Catering Assistant Charisse Bonney TA Year 4 (KB)
Helen Singh Lunchtime Organiser, Cleaner James McCall Sports Coach
Helen Bott TA Year 5 (KB/AT) Jennifer Scholes TA Nursery
Marion Clough  Nursery Assistant Lorraine Gent Lunchtime Organiser
Sandra Hildebrandt Lunchtime Organiser Ruth Meehan TA 1:1 Year 4 (JW)
Debbie Lewis Lunchtime Organiser Sherri Kinnin Breakfast Club, Cleaner
Lisa Martin Breakfast Club, Lorraine Walton Cleaner
Shiobhan McKinlay TA 1:1 Support Year 1 (VT)  Yvonne Stealey  Lunchtime Organiser
Sara Murray Lunchtime Organiser Hayley McClendon TA Year 1 (NA) 1:1 Support
Ulrica Lundin Catering Assistant Sarah Wolstenholme  Lunchtime Organiser
 Jackie Anstee  TA 1:1 Support Year 2 (AW)
Natalie Jarvis Lunchtime Organiser

Governing Body

The Governing Body has a strategic role, and is accountable for its decisions. It sets aims and objectives and agrees, monitors and reviews policies,targets and priorities.

Full Governor Details

School Council

The school council at Rack House Primary School meet monthly to discuss issues relevant to themselves and their peers. Two children are elected annually from each year group, starting from year one. At present the school councillors are in the process of sponsoring a child from India and their next challenge is to come up with some ideas about how they can raise the money for this sponsorship.

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