Keeping your children safe online

Thank you to those parents who attended our E-safety meeting this afternoon. For those that weren’t able to attend we gave the following advice;

  • Use the ‘restrictions’ options on any device to set age appropriate restrictions and screen time controls for your child.
  • When setting up a device with a child, talk them through the safety features and why you’re creating restrictions – you want to protect them from harm.
  • Make it clear that you can access the device at any time.
  • Be open with your children about the dangers online and how they can protect themselves. Explain what to do if they see / receive something that upsets them.
  • Use apps like ‘Family Link’ to link your child’s device to yours so you can monitor usage.
  • Turn ‘location’ settings off on devices / in apps.
  • Talk to your child about their online presence and how to keep safe – eg. Don’t add photo’s with detail about their school (school badge) home or activities they attend or add their full names or contact details.
  • Be open to their problems / worries if they have them. Help Sheet for parents
  • Remember most social media apps have a minimum user age of 13.

Please remember, research says that if a child’s parent is involved in their child’s online behaviour, they are much happier and less likely to be depressed or worried by things happening to them online.

Attached are a list of useful websites containing more information on how to keep your child safe online.

Please feel free to speak to one of us in school if you need any further advice.

From Mrs Starczewska & Miss Williams (Computing Subject Leads)

Help Sheet for parents

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