Discussion writing 🦏🦒🐘

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Before Easter we had a debate about the morality of using animals in circuses. The children had developed some good points and listened to...   Read More

British Science Week

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As part of our work to celebrate British Science Week, we did an investigation into what materials conducted electricity. We tested four materials: salt...   Read More

Angie Arbuthnot Art

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During our Art lesson, we created some beautiful drawings in the style of Angie Arbuthnot (our focus artist). She combines flowers and farm animals...   Read More

Where in the world?

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In Topic we have been continuing with our Captivity vs Freedom unit. This week we were looking at animals under threat around the world....   Read More

Celebration Board

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Here are just a few pictures on our Year 6 Celebration Board. Over the next term and a half we hope to fill the...   Read More

Animals under Threat

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We have been learning about a number of endangered species this half term during our English lessons. Throughout the past few weeks, we have...   Read More

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