Reaction time investigation!

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In Science the children did an investigation which aimed to test their reaction times. Everyone worked in pairs to decide how they wanted to...   Read More

Key Stage 2 Anti bullying assembly.

IMG_4087 This is a recording of the key stage 2 anti-bullying assembly. Well done again to all the Rights Respecting School Councillors and Eco...   Read More

World Culture day

This Friday, the whole school will be celebrating world culture day and will be focusing on the continent of Africa! The children will be...   Read More

Classifying Plants

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This week in Science, we have been looking at classifying plants. In the lesson, we learnt about vascular and non-vascular plants as well as...   Read More

Wonderful Maths Journals

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Here are some of the exceptional maths journals that have been completed recently! As you can see, the children have worked hard to fill...   Read More

The Highwayman

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We have been looking at the poem ‘The Highwayman’. After discussing some of the tricky language, the children were tasked with writing a synopsis...   Read More

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