Return to school

Hello and welcome back to all! It is great to see so many children back at school where we can provide a sense of...   Read More

Year 6 Graduation Zoom

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  On Monday 13th July at 1pm we will be having a Year 6 Graduation Zoom to celebrate all the children’s achievements whilst they...   Read More

Year 6 Leavers’ Hoodie

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We are arranging Year 6 Leavers’ hoodies for our Year 6s this year as a memento of their time at Rack House Primary. If...   Read More

Year 6 Leavers’ Video

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Dear parents, We are creating a leavers’ video as a memento for our Year 6 children. Attached is an example of the video and...   Read More

Science Drop Ins

Science Drop – in Tuesday 30 June at 11 am Would you like some tips on how to support your child with Science activities...   Read More

6MOC Zoom

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Hello! We will be having another class Zoom on Monday at 1pm. I have posted the login details on Eduly but if you can’t...   Read More

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