Summer Fair

Get your raffle tickets at the school office. They are 20p a ticket or £1 for a strip. If anyone would like to kindly...   Read More

Year 5TF Jodrell Bank

We were able to apply our findings to different planets in space. Lots of us asked questions and this helped us to learn even...   Read More

Year 5TF Jodrell Bank

We were very interested in all of the scientific investigations we took part in today.

Year 5TF Jodrell Bank

Photos from today’s trip.

Year 5TF Jodrell Bank

Year 5 had a brilliant day learning all things Space at Jodrell Bank!

Year 5TF Summer Solstice Rap Video

Here is the video of our rap summarising Summer Solstice! Our debut single – who knows what we might rap about next? Year 5...   Read More

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