Separating Mixtures In Year 5

The children experiments with different materials this afternoon. We tried to work out which one was the best at separating our sand and water...   Read More

5LH P.E. Session

5LH were able to enjoy the sunshine yesterday in P.E. With Tom!

5LH British Science Week!

We have been investigating conductors for British Science Week in year 5. We predicted whether our salt dough would conduct electricity, then made the...   Read More

5LH Book Day

Year 5 had a busy day celebrating World Book Day on Friday. We wrote instructions and made potions for Alice in Wonderland, then wrote...   Read More

5LH Computing

Year 5 have been looking at creating landscape pictures using a programme on the computers called Terregen. They created some lovely images, well done...   Read More

5LH Journey Planning

We used the internet to try and plan journeys to different parts of the world and found out some interesting facts!

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