Race For Life

Year 4 doing their ‘Race for Life.’ #beactive #NWCPEA_Official

Egg Shell Experiment

The children are carrying out an investigation looking at what effect different liquids have on egg shells to represent our teeth.


The children have been researching volcanoes around the world. 🌋 🌎


The children have been making videos to describe our different types of teeth.

Return to school

Hello and welcome back to all! It is great to see so many children back at school where we can provide a sense of...   Read More

Parenting Support Virtual Drop-in

Year4-JWComments Off on Parenting Support Virtual Drop-in

Parenting Support Virtual Drop-in Wednesday 8 July 1.30 pm Is your 5 year old talking non-stop or shouting every time you are trying to...   Read More

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