Year 3 Question Of The Day

Can you help me figure out which homophones are correct for the following sentences ?

Voucher System for NISA

From Monday 30th March, NIsa will only accept vouchers from Rack House Primary School for groceries. If you have been informed previously you are...   Read More

Year 3 Question Of The Day

So sad that we didn’t get to look at Venice, but maybe you’d like to discover Venice for yourself? Can you locate Venice on...   Read More

Year 3 Problem Of The Day!

Can you work out this maths problem? As you have all worked hard on our money chapter, here’s a little challenge for you.

Year 3’s Problem Of The Day

Morning! Can you spot the mistake in these sentences and correct them?

Home Learning support from Twinkle

The website Twinkle is now offering a set of activities covering a range of subjects to fill a day of learning at home. These...   Read More

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