Art Day Donations

We have our Art day coming up soon and would like to use some recycled materials. If possible, we would like to request donations...   Read More

Bonfire Night Assembly

Year3-JWComments Off on Bonfire Night Assembly

3JW Bonfire night assembly was a hit! I know that Mrs Baird and I are both extremely proud of all the children after the...   Read More

Start Of A New Term

Year3-JWComments Off on Start Of A New Term

This week we have started a brand new term, with new topics and much more learning to do! We have started a new book...   Read More

World Culture Day!

Year3-JWComments Off on World Culture Day!

World culture day! Today in 3JW we had plenty of fun exploring French culture! We played French vocabulary games, explored numbers, the alphabet &...   Read More

Exploring In Maths

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3JW have been tackling some challenging Maths, both last week and this week! The children have been working on subtraction with renaming, remembering our...   Read More

Science And Topic!

Year3-JWComments Off on Science And Topic!

In 3JW, we’ve been getting creative in topic and using our observation skills in Science! In Science we observed the changes to our cress...   Read More

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