4MO’C St Andrew’s Day Assembly

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Just a reminder to parents that it is 4MO’C’s class assembly tomorrow afternoon. We have been busy rehearsing and we’d love it if you...   Read More

Nelson Mandela

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As part of Black History Month in October, we spent some time learning about influential people throughout history. Year 4 learnt about Nelson Mandela’s...   Read More

Art Day

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On Wednesday, we had an Art Day! 🎨 Everybody worked incredibly hard to create their own ancient Egyptian masterpieces based on gods and goddesses....   Read More

Science Day ⚡️

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This afternoon, we investigated the electrical conductivity of different materials. We built our circuits but left a gap so we could add in each...   Read More

Science Day

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Today, we have been learning about electricity. We began by learning about the different electrical components in a circuit and how they work. Then,...   Read More

Sunsets And Silhouettes 🌅

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In Art, we have been perfecting our sunset backgrounds using our preferred media. What do you think?

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