Rocket Day

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Today the children have had great fun building and launching their own rockets. 🚀

Our New Story📖

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The children have been introduced to our new book today. They were given key words from the book and some sentences and in groups...   Read More

Locating Volcanoes

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We have been looking at where volcanoes are all around the world and then used an atlas to help us place them on a...   Read More

Science Investigations

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Today we have been observing permeability in different rocks. The children have enjoyed looking at how water moves differently through various rocks.

Geology Rocks

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This afternoon, the children became geologists and have investigated different rocks. They had to sort the rocks based on different criteria and a Venn...   Read More

Dragon Poems

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We have been writing our own dragon simile poems. Firstly, we designed our dragon and then came up with similes to describe them. We...   Read More

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