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Today, we started creating our rainforest wind-up toys, which meant we got to have an afternoon of painting. Keep an eye out for the...   Read More

Experimenting with Materials

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The children had a fantastIc Science lesson. They carried out an investigation to see what material would be suitable for window blinds and why.

Story Planning

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What a lovely English lesson we had today! The children have been planning their own version of ‘The Bear and the Piano’ ready for...   Read More

Investigating Materials

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Year 2 enjoyed their scientific enquiry this afternoon. They looked at materials that sink and float and investigated why this might happen.

The Bear and the Piano

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We’re really enjoying our new book ‘The Bear and the Piano’ at the moment. Today, we looked at questions we could ask Bear about...   Read More

Henri Rousseau

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Year 2 had a great afternoon, looking at the famous French artist, Henri Rousseau, who was inspired by jungle. Today, we looked at sketching...   Read More

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