Carrying out science research

As part of our science lesson today, we were finding out the differences between a toddler, a child and an adult. In order to...   Read More

Science – World Science Day

In celebration of World Science day, this week we have been broadening our vocabulary linking to “Staying Healthy.” We discussed what a healthy diet...   Read More

Science G&T Workshop

Today our cluster school children joined us for an enriching Science day! We discussed the reaction between water and oil and the density of...   Read More

World Culture day

This Friday, the whole school will be celebrating world culture day and will be focusing on the continent of Africa! The children will be...   Read More

The Lowry Theatre

Year2-NAComments Off on The Lowry Theatre

We travelled by tram to the Lowry Theatre. When we arrived, we sketched our own portraits and landscapes inspired by Lowry. We toured the...   Read More


Year2-NAComments Off on Classification

Year 2 have been learning about the animal kingdom. We have learned about the characteristics of mammals, amphibians , reptiles, fish and insects. We...   Read More

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