Maths – Problem Of The Day

Can you solve this word problem? Tom has 28 pencils. She shares them between 4 friends. How many pencils will each friend get?

Year 2 Question Of The Day – The Rainforest

Can you use expanded noun phrases the describe the setting of this picture? Example- The dense,scary rain forest .

Voucher System for NISA

From Monday 30th March, NIsa will only accept vouchers from Rack House Primary School for groceries. If you have been informed previously you are...   Read More

I’m A Poet And I didn’t Know It!

Empty Classroom I entered our classroom today I knew you wouldn’t be there I stood and glanced at your books That you kept with...   Read More

Problem of the Day Year 2

Maths Missing Number Problems 21 +   ?  =  32 13  +  ?  =   26 31  +  ?  =  45

Year 2 Problem Of The Day

Science – Materials Can you spot as many materials as you can around your home, made of plastic, metal, paper and wood?  

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