Andy Goldsworthy Art

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Year One recreated a famous land art sculpture that Andy Goldsworty created. We used sticks that we collected from our trip to Wythenshawe park!

Wythenshawe Park

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Learning about our local area!

Science Day

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Today Year One explored in groups at their tables to make predictions and observations about pictures of meat and plants. They then had to...   Read More


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Year One had a wonderful Science lesson where we learned about animal classification. The children learned to sort animals into 5 groups depending on...   Read More

World Culture day

This Friday, the whole school will be celebrating world culture day and will be focusing on the continent of Africa! The children will be...   Read More

Library Parent Club

On Monday, after school, we will be holding a parent and child Library After School. This will start at 3:30 – 4:30 and will...   Read More

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