The lion Inside

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In 1EM, we have been looking at using the -er suffix. Reahan wrote, “The bossy lion is tougher than me.” Superb!

1EM Pancake Assembly

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Just want to say how proud I am for 1EM with their performance in our pancake assembly. Every child tried so hard and everyone...   Read More

1EM Pancake assembly Reminder

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Just a reminder that 1EM have their pancake assembly on Tuesday 5th March at 9:10am. Wish us luck!

P.E. Madness

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A sporty start to our Thursday with Tom supporting 1EM’s technique on how to aim the ball.

Rapid Recall Whiteboards

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In 1EM, the children have been using their Rapid Recall Whiteboards to support their addition and subtraction methods. Go Year One!

Y1EM Hockey!

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This Morning Y1EM have had lots of fun in P.E playing hockey, learning different skills and techniques to control the ball. We have also...   Read More

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