Today in science year 5 had to compare and group materials based on their properties (absorbency,magnetic,transparency and conductivity) They filled out a table and...   Read More

English Year 5

The children compared three different non fiction texts and identified the main features.

PSHE How To Stay Safe Near The Road.

Children worked in groups to discuss where potential hazards are for pedestrians and they looked for safe areas to cross. Year 5 performed a...   Read More

Steel Pans

Year 5 love playing steel pans they have learnt a new song today called lazy coconut tree.

World Culture day

This Friday, the whole school will be celebrating world culture day and will be focusing on the continent of Africa! The children will be...   Read More

Library Parent Club

On Monday, after school, we will be holding a parent and child Library After School. This will start at 3:30 – 4:30 and will...   Read More

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