Our Local Area

We took a walk to Wythenshawe Hall to draw some pictures of our local area.  

Chocolate and teddy donations

We would like to thank everybody who made donations of chocolate and teddy/soft toys today. We had a fantastic response and we appreciate your...   Read More


Welcome to the start of week 11 of our school year. Last weeks attendance winner in Rec& KS1 is Mrs Aslan’s class, 1NA with 97.2%....   Read More

Attendance voucher winners

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Our attendance voucher winners for last half term are: Jazmyn Lewis Rec1, Evan Brookes Rec2, Rohan Thornton-1EM, Zainab Hamid-1NA,             ...   Read More

Attendance winners

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Whoops sorry……last weeks attendance winners were 3SC with 98.6%!!!! Well done!!

Semaphore 5JW

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Year 5 have been practicing sending and receiving messages in semaphore.

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