Colour Mixing

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This week in Reception 2, we have been experimenting with mixing colours. We used the three primary colours, red, blue and yellow to make...   Read More

Advent Calendar

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We have had great fun playing the game on our advent calendar this morning. We were able to use the arrows to direct the...   Read More

E-Safety Evening for Parents

On Tuesday 12th December at 2:45pm we will be holding an E-Safety Meeting for parents in school. The meeting will focus on how you...   Read More

Making 10

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Today Reception 2 have been looking at different ways to make 10. Some of us used tens frames to think about different combinations of...   Read More

Going Shopping

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This week in Reception 2, we have been looking at different jobs which people may do. In the role play area we made a...   Read More

World Science Day

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Today Reception have been learning all about why plants are so important to us. We talked about how we can use plants for food...   Read More

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