Fun In The Snow

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Reception have had a great day playing outside in the snow. We talked about the weather around us and where the snow had come...   Read More

Catching Snowflakes

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This morning it has been snowing! Reception 2 went into the outdoor area and caught some snowflakes. We tried to catch the snowflakes using...   Read More

Making Playdough

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This morning we made some play dough but we found that it was too sticky. We thought carefully about how to solve the problem...   Read More

Making Healthy Sandwiches

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Reception 2 have had a great week. First we visited the local shops to buy healthy ingredients to make sandwiches. We then wrote some...   Read More

Making Habitats

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Reception 2 have had a very exciting week. We have been using a wide range of materials to create animals and their habitats. We...   Read More

Animal Habitats

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In Reception, we have been looking at the habitats of different animals. We have spent some time matching animals to their habitat, and we...   Read More

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