Royal Wedding Celebrations

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Reception have had a fantastic time celebrating the Royal Wedding. We made and decorated flags and bunting and then we wrote party invitations to...   Read More

Technology Walk

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Reception have been on walk around the school building to look at the different examples of technology we could find. We took photographs using...   Read More

Penguin Artwork

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Reception 2 we have been learning about penguins. Some of the children decided that they wanted to create their own picture of a penguin...   Read More

Animal Research

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Today in Reception 2, we have been working in small groups to research about different types of animals using books and I-pads. We looked...   Read More

Lost And Found

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In Reception 2, we have been reading Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. Today we looked at the part of the book where the...   Read More

World Culture Day

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Reception 2 had a fantastic time celebrating World Culture Day and learning all about Italy. First we looked at where we live on a...   Read More

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