Fun In The Sun

Reception enjoyed spending the afternoon outside, experimenting with the water wall, creating our own narratives and completing the reading challenges hidden around our outdoor...   Read More

British Science Week

Reception went on their very own journey today, collecting special items to create their very own journey stick. We could then sequence our journey,...   Read More

World Book Day

Reception 2 were looking at the story of the Hungry Caterpillar today. We read the story, looking at the different sounds and had a...   Read More


Reception 2 have enjoyed golf in PE, using various skills to aim and strike the ball with golf clubs using good control.

Shapes In The Sun!

The children enjoyed completing their maths lesson in the sun today. We went on a shape hunt, looking at the different shapes in the...   Read More

Snack Preparation

Reception-LCComments Off on Snack Preparation

This week, Reception have created a class set of instructions for ‘How to make a jam sandwich’, thinking about order and healthy ingredients. The...   Read More

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