⭐️ PE stars ⭐️

Today in PE, stars of the week, for last week received their medals! Well done Harriet & Enzo! This week, Zakk is our star...   Read More

Father Christmas and Christmas dinner 🎅🏻

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The children have had a very busy week! We enjoyed a tasty Christmas dinner earlier in the week with crackers and Christmas music too!...   Read More

Icy Science investigation afternoon ❄️

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We investigated changing materials this afternoon! The children created a chilly story using ice, water and small world animals. During the story creating, the...   Read More

Baking Mallow Cookies 🍪

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The children baked mallow cookies on Friday and used a variety of one handed tools like knives to slice the butter and spoons to...   Read More

Reception Science Afternoon 🧲

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The children learnt all about magnets and magnetic objects in our scientific investigation! We conducted an investigation into what the best magnet is. We...   Read More

Art day! 🎨

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Reception 2 enjoyed our EYFS art day today, the children developed their drawing techniques and followed a step by step process of how to...   Read More

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