Reception Daily Activity

For Reception’s daily activity, can you match the word to the picture? All of the words have the /ee/ diagraph in them. Could you...   Read More

Reception Daily Activity 🗺

For Reception’s daily challenge, could the children create messy maps? In our last term, some children in Reception were inspired by the ‘messy maps’...   Read More

Reception Daily Activity!

Easter egg designs! Can you design an Easter egg? Create an Easter egg to celebrate the Christian holiday! It could be your favourite character...   Read More

Reception Daily Activity!

Get ready for a scavenger hunt! This scavenger hunt is Mathematics themed, find the objects in your home and answer the Maths questions using...   Read More

Wildlife Detecting 🔍 Reception Daily Activity!

Wildlife Detecting! Get outside and start searching for evidence of the wildlife that lives around us. Some of the more obvious things are spiderwebs,...   Read More

Reception daily activity!

For today’s Reception activity could you do some Literacy! Follow the link below to listen and watch the story: Read The Rhyming Rabbit and listen...   Read More

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