Changes to the EYFS curriculum

As an EYFS, we are participating in the Early Adopter scheme for the Early Years Foundation Stage Reforms for the academic year 2020-21. This...   Read More

The Runaway Pea!

As we are looking at the story of The Runaway Pea, the children took their own pea on an adventure around the classroom!

Return to school

Hello and welcome back to all! It is great to see so many children back at school where we can provide a sense of...   Read More

Science Drop Ins

Science Drop – in Tuesday 30 June at 11 am Would you like some tips on how to support your child with Science activities...   Read More

Reception daily activity!

Reception-ATReception-NBComments Off on Reception daily activity!

Solve the additions, write the numbers in the boxes! Find the total amount of objects in each  question! Could you create your own addition...   Read More

Reading about returning to school!

NurseryReception-ATReception-NBYear1-ARYear1-NHComments Off on Reading about returning to school!

Here are a list of books to help reassure and support children returning to school. Some of the books can be found on YouTube...   Read More

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