Nursery Challenge

Let’s play Bingo! Today, why don’t you try playing ‘Animal Sounds Bingo’. You can use the picture attached or you  could gather some animal...   Read More


NURSERY CHALLENGE For your challenge today, you will be mark making. Can you draw yourself , a friend or a member of your family?...   Read More

Nursery challenge of the day

Yesterday, Mrs Betts read the story ‘What the Ladybird heard.’ (Find the Story video here) Here are a few activities that you could try...   Read More

Story Time with Mrs Betts

Story time with Mrs Betts and Milo!  

Nursery Challenge

NURSERY CHALLENGE This one will be extra challenging for you children. The challenge is to sit still and listen to your surroundings! Try doing...   Read More

Nursery Daily Challenge

What can you turn a box into? Today why don’t you find an empty box, tube or carton around the house. What can you...   Read More

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