Royal Wedding Celebrations!

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Nursery enjoyed taking part in the whole school Royal wedding celebrations today. The children enjoyed learning about the royal family, watching clips of previous...   Read More


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We had fun in Maths today counting the large Numicon pieces and making our own human number line!

Stay and Play

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What a wonderful turn out we had this morning at our ‘Stay and Play’ session in Nursery. A big thank you to all our...   Read More

World Culture Day!

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Today the children enjoyed learning about Italy. We found Italy on a map, looked at the National flag and talked about lots of important...   Read More

British Science Week

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The nursery children really enjoyed taking part in a ‘floating and sinking’ experiment as part of British Science Week. We looked at a variety...   Read More

Nursery’s Cafe

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The children have really enjoyed our new Cafe area in Nursery. The children have had fun playing the different parts. They have been taking...   Read More

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