17-18: Year3

Shape Poems!

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Last week, 3JW planned, drafted, edited and wrote up beautiful shape poems in English. The poem was in the shape of a love heart...   Read More

Performance Poetry

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Year 3 have been performing their tornado poems! Fantastic expressions and actions 😎


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Year 3 have began their new science topic on rocks! They were able to come up with lots of questions they’d like to find...   Read More


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Year 3 have been learning to be film makers 🎥The children chose to demonstrate how to solve an equation & Alisee has used some...   Read More

Christmas Pantomime!

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Christmas Pantomime! The children in Years 1-4 enjoyed a trip to watch a fantastic Christmas pantomime this afternoon and 3JW were all extremely excited!...   Read More

3JW Romans!

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3JW embraced the Roman culture this week, from writing formal letters to watching chariot racing and recounting the information in a diary. On Wednesday,...   Read More

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