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May I welcome everyone back to school for what promises to be an exciting year ahead. It was great to see all our lovely smart pupils arriving for school on their first day. The year will again be another busy one and I have attached a yearly calendar setting out events which, as parents, you will want to know. These are also on the school website so if you misplace it, there is an electronic copy readily to hand!


At Rack House we constantly strive to ensure that all our children get the best possible start in life and we can only do this by working in partnership with parents. It is vital that children arrive at school on time and that no holidays and unnecessary absences are taken in term time for children. I realise that if your child is ill, this cannot be helped, and that parents have no control over hospital appointment times, however best efforts should be made to schedule general GP and dental appointments outside of school hours as children need to get into good attendance habits early. If you wish to speak to a teacher please do so at the end of the school day or make an appointment. The mornings are times when the teacher has a class and will not be able to discuss your individual child’s needs. This is to ensure the safety of all children and to ensure they start the day in a structured environment. Many thanks for your support in this matter.


We have slightly amended our Attendance Policy which will state that children with 98-100% attendance will receive awards for having such good attendance. This is because we realise that if a child is ill, for no fault of their own, it can seem harsh that they have been in school all year but receive no recognition for this. Once this is passed by governors, I will place the policy on the site and make you fully aware of the contents.


It is fabulous to see children cycling to school and living a healthy lifestyle. Can I remind you that bicycles are left at your risk and I would therefore encourage all bikes to be locked up when left. To ensure we do not have any accidents, children must dismount from their bikes when entering the school playground.


From Monday 11th September, parents and children from Nursery and Reception will be asked to take their children to class doors and hand their children over to teachers. All other parents are asked to leave children at the school gate leading to the infant playground where the children can then enter school safely and go directly to their classrooms from 8.50 am. This promotes independence and is an important safeguarding measure for your children. If you have any concerns please contact me as I am on the school gate most mornings. Once a child enters the school yard we will not let them leave without their parent being present.


Year 6 Residential

At the beginning of the week Year 6 had their residential trip to the Conway Centre on Anglesey. I was lucky enough to be part of the trip where all children enjoyed themselves and took part in activities like Raft Building, Abseiling, Mountain Biking and Kayaking. All who attended were a credit to themselves, their parents and Rack House. The trip went so well we have booked a slot for our Year 6 next year and this will become an annual residential trip for our children.


Fruit in school

All our EYFS and KS1 children will receive fruit in school which will be supplied by school. However in KS2 school will not supply fruit for the children. We would encourage parents to send their children with fruit to have at break times for those who will enjoy it as it is part of our 5 a day!


School Blogging

Each year group has a blogging page on our school website. These blogs will be updated regularly by staff and children. This will allow you to see what is happening in class and school on a regular basis.

In order for us to post pictures of your child we need the consent forms returned that were handed out at the beginning of the week. Forms were requested back by Friday 8th September so if you have not yet returned them, all consent forms should be handed in to teacher on Monday, 11th September.

Copies of all newsletters will be on the Headteacher’s Blog, The school website and also on Facebook to ensure all parents can have access to school communications.



School Day

Can I remind all parents that the school day starts at 8.55 am and we finish at 3.15 pm. It is important that children get to school on time so that we instil good attitudes to learning and ensure that all our children know that punctuality is very important in life.


Nursery and Reception

Nursery and reception would appreciate any old clothes, underwear, socks etc as they are always need for changes of clothing, mainly for the children! If you have any children’s clothing (including footwear), please send them in.


After School Club

After School Club began this week and can I remind all parents that they should contact the school office if they wish their children to attend the club. Prices remain the same as last year and we hope you take advantage of this extra service.


School Dinners

Due to our expanding school, we are continuing to have staggered lunchtimes. This proved to be very successful last year and the children and staff are happy with the arrangements. The weekly menu is available on the school website. The option of a halal dinners continues to be available this school year. The cost of a school dinner is £2.20 per day (£11 per week).  A selection of fruit is available at dinner times to encourage healthy eating!


Your child’s belongings

Please ensure that your child’s school bag, uniform items, PE kit, water bottle and lunch boxes etc. are labelled with child’s name and class.  Every day there are lost items and this will help us to identify which children items belong to. Thank you for your support.

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