Friday 13th November Newsletter

Friday 13th November


Year 3 & 6

I am sure that you know by now but we have had to close Year 3 and Year 6 bubbles this week. Our Year 3 children will be welcomed back to school on Monday 16th November. This is because the person who had contracted COVID had been absent for a week before the result was disclosed to them. This meant the period the children would have to be absent was far less.


Year 6 children will be asked to isolate until Tuesday 24th November because a person contracted COVID.


In both classes we are providing remote education via Google Classroom, this is working well for both Years 3 & 6. If you cannot access remote learning for any reason, we have also prepared paper copies of all the work being completed. If parents contact school, they will be asked to attend and pick up their child’s work.


We have also provided groceries for our children entitled to Free School Meals and please take up your entitlement by contacting school and picking up your child’s food parcel.


Unfortunately, I have had to isolate with Year 6 but the school is functioning well and I am in daily contact with the school to have an overview from home of all aspects of school life.


I have said before that we are living in strange times and this week has reinforced that for me. It is difficult to isolate when you feel well but it’s essential that we all follow the rules to ensure the virus stops spreading.


After School Booster Classes

Due to the number of children and staff absence, we will not be running booster classes until the week commencing 30th November. I know that these have been popular and children are showing good progress.

We will re-instate them from Tuesday 1st December and hope to be back to our new normal by then!

Wythenshawe Waste Warriors in the Community

Wythenshawe Waste warriors are currently working to clean up the local area around Southwick Park by litter picking, gardening and bringing the community together to make it a better place for local residents. They are also working to keep the park for many years to come. It would be great if any families would like to get involved.

Waste Warriors provide litter pickers (in child and adult sizes) and hoops to keep bin bags open for those who are keen to help and it is all done in a safe, socially-distanced way. You can join their Facebook page for more information.

At Rack House we are a Gold Rights Respecting School so we follow Article 24 – Children have the right to a clean and safe environment.


Christmas production

I am sure that this will not come as a surprise to parents but we will not be able to have a Christmas Nativity Play this year due to the pandemic. We are in a National Lockdown at the moment and if we do come out of this on December 2nd, it is clear we will be in a Tier system.  We will not be able to provide a safe environment for all to watch the play, therefore it is inevitable this annual production cannot take place this year.


After School and Breakfast Clubs

We are maintaining our service to parents for Breakfast and After School child care but please inform us in advance if you wish to use these services. This is to ensure we have the correct staffing numbers present each day.


Thanks for your support.


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