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Many thanks to parents and carers for sticking to the start and pick up times for children as this allows a free flow of ‘traffic’ through the school. Can I ask that only one person from a household enters school to pick up their children. If more than one person enters the school, there is an increase in congestion. This includes teenage children, as at this age, they can wait at the gates for parents to return.

We have noticed a bottleneck at the entrance for Years 4 & 5 due to the volume of traffic at pick-up times. In order to alleviate this, we are setting up a one-way system! This will mean as you pick your children up from Years 3 to 5, please carry along the path and exit from our Nursery play area. This will mean that children and parents will not walk into each other and this should make pick-ups much easier for all.

Also, in order to alleviate people congregating too closely, we will ask parents in Years 4 & 5 to wait, socially distanced, at the bottom of the ramp until year groups begin to leave school. This will mean Year 4 parents will be allowed onto the ramp from 3.20pm and Year 5 from 3.25pm.

Once the children have exited the doors please move on immediately to ensure there is no congestion at our busiest times. Please do not stand and chat immediately outside the doors as it will cause congestion. There will be plenty of space and time to chat in the main play area once you have moved yourself and your children away from the exit areas.

I realise that this may cause some confusion initially so we will have extra staff on the playground to support parents until we get used to this system. We are all adapting to the ‘new normal’ and we will adapt and make changes as we go along to ensure all are safe.

Manchester is still experiencing a rise in COVID cases and some schools have already had to close to some year groups. I do not want this to happen at Rack House and I thank you for your support in advance. We can only ensure safety for our children by working together and adapting our practices as we move forward.

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  1. Laura

    Dear Headteachers and staff:

    Thank you for all your support.
    We are all learning and getting adapted to this new and challenging situation. And is far from to be finished. Everyone of us must do our part: school, childrens and parents.
    Please, let’s do it together! Social distancing on times to pick up childrens is a simple gesture but it can help.

    All best

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