Attendance from September

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Before we finish for the summer I just wanted to remind parents that attendance for September is compulsory for all school children in the UK.  Holidays can not be taken in term time and fines will be issued by Manchester LA.

We have sent out staggered start and finish times for September and I would like to clarify some questions we have received from parents.

If you have more than one child at school e.g. one in Year 6 and one in Nursery. You can drop off both children at the earliest start time. This will be 08.30 as that is when the school day starts for Year 6. You then pick up at the latter time for your children. In this case, the Year 6 school day ends at 3.30pm so you can pick up both your children at this time.

This will be the same for all parents who have more than one child in school, whichever child has the earliest start, you can drop off all your children at their respective classes at this time. You then pick up all your children at the end of the school day for the latest child’s finishing time. If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

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