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We have now had guidance from the government about how to re-open schools from September and we have decided how we can do so safely for all children, parents and staff. As a result, we have produced this booklet to show you what will be happening from September, staggered start and finish times and how we will go about everyday business.


Given the size of our school and that we have two classes in each year, we will keep each year group as a bubble. By doing this we are confident we can teach children and maintain safety for children, staff and parents. Only one parent will be able to drop off or pick up their children to reduce risks of transmission.


All year groups will be invited in for a set drop off time in the morning.  Certainly for the first Autumn term, lunches will be in classrooms and year groups will be given a set pick-up and finish time. Please ensure that parents and children stick closely to these times are we are hoping to keep each year group bubble separate.


Through a thorough set of risk assessments, we have designed a model which limits the movement of children around school with limited contact with others. This will minimise risk through mixing with each other. Each class will be taught by their class teacher. TA’s to support where appropriate and no external staff present in school during this period.


In this document, we have also outlined the action points we will implement on a daily basis as well as new processes and routines to keep our community safe and healthy.


Attendance will be compulsory from September, the government have stated this quite clearly and fines will be imposed for parents not sending their children to school. As a result of this, we are running breakfast and after school clubs as published already. You must pre-book these facilities as we have to allocate children to set areas to maintain bubbles. We are one of the few schools running this facility, so please work with us to ensure this is a success.


Walking busses will also be up and running from the first week back. If you wish to take advantage of these facilities, as ever, please contact Mrs Nilan.

It is important for all members of our school community that if your child shows any symptoms of Corona virus you immediately get your child tested and isolate them until the results of the test are known. This is vitally important for the safety of all!





Drop off/Pick up

  • Only one parent to follow allocated drop off and pick up

•          Drop off from 8:20am – 9:00am. No waiting will be allowed in car-park area to avoid congestion and facilitate easy drop off and collection.

  • Staff will collect children at their designated
Class Drop off time Pick up time Place to drop off Collection Area Handwashing
Nursery 09.00 3.00pm Nursery playground Nursery playground Nursery toilets
Reception 08.55 3.05pm Grass area outside Reception Grass area outside Reception Reception toilets
Year 1 08.50 3.10pm Main gate Year 1 exit on KS1 Playground Class
Year 2 08.45 3.15pm Main Gate Resource provision Entrance Class
Year 3 08.45 3.15pm Main Gate Year 3 exit        ( Doors at side of hall) Class
Year 4 08.40 3.20pm Main Gate Class Class


Year 5 08.35 3.25pm Main Gate Class Class


Year 6 08.30 3.30pm RP Entrance Class Class



General Guidance

  • Only one parent is allowed to drop off and pick up children at set times to support with social
  • Year Groups will be able to mix in socially distanced bubbles
  • Please do not arrive until your allotted
  • Children must be collected on time to ensure social distancing can be
  • Breakfast Club and After school club will be running at this time but MUST be pre-booked
  • Parents with more than 1 child in school can drop off and pick up at their oldest child’s time.
  • Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed to accompany their children into school in order to support social distancing.
  • Messages can be sent via Electronic communication and the School Office as communication with class teachers during drop off and pick up will be
  • Please leave the parking area as soon as you are able to avoid
  • Parents of children are asked to drop off at the outside doors on the playground where teachers will meet the This needs to be done as quickly as possible to avoid blocking the entrance. Please do not drop off in the main entrance area.
  • Nursery children will be dropped off in the Nursey playground and collected by
  • Reception children will be dropped off at the grassed area outside
  • Only coats and water bottles should be brought into (Packed lunches if required)
  • Homework and reading books will be sent home from September.
  • No school assemblies or plays until further
  • First aid and pupil illness policy must be followed by staff and No children will be allowed in school unless fully fit.
  • Procedures where children need to line up will adhere to distancing
  • All break times and lunch times will be staggered to limit
  • Please discuss return to school with your child as the environment will be very different than they are used



General Guidance – Symptoms and Illness

If any child presents with symptoms (temperature and new continuous cough) no matter how mild, you MUST NOT send them into school and follow government guidance on self-isolation. Parents must notify school immediately if your child or any family member becomes unwell at home.


Signs include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Breathlessness
  • Headache
  • Rash
  • Runny Nose
  • Abdominal pains
  • Loss of taste and smell


Children presenting with any symptoms during the day will be isolated and sent home immediately.


If a child is awaiting collection, they will be moved, to the designated, fully supervised isolation rooms.


Unwell children will be fully supervised and then brought to their exit point for collection.


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