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I hope everyone is staying safe and well and managing to get through this difficult period. As a school, we are still working our way through the proposals for opening on June 9th and how we can do this safely for children, staff and parents. As soon as I have something concrete for parents, I will let everyone know. The Local Authorities and Unions are meeting with Government Ministers today to clarify the situation (hopefully).

We have been informed by the DFE that Free School Meal Vouchers will NOT be issued whilst schools are on holiday over Whit. This means that for the two weeks we are on holiday, no vouchers will be issues for children. Further to this, if your child is in Nursery, Reception, Years 1 & 6, they will get their meals at school from June 9th and you will not be entitled to vouchers for children in these year groups.

We are working as a team to ensure that your children will be safe when they return to school and I will inform you of developments as they occur.

I hope everyone is able to meet Virtually via Zoom with their classes next week.


Stay Safe

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