Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

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It seems a long way into 2020 already but can I wish everyone a Happy New Year and welcome back to Rack House! I hope we all had a great Christmas and a peaceful new year and that some of you still have your resolutions intact!


We have a busy year on the agenda as we are expecting OFSTED to visit us this year to see how we are doing under the new framework.


We have numerous trips booked for all year groups this month, all of which are supplemented by the school due to you supporting the school so generously at events like the Christmas fayre and own clothes days.


Year 6 enter their final calendar year with us and are preparing for life at high school so they can go on with their academic success and develop into excellent young individuals. Year 6 also have their residential trip in Anglesey to look forward to and also we have our annual summer performance for Key Stage 2 to look forward to.


As ever, we look forward to working together to ensure our children become the successes we know they can be.


Can I remind all parents to constantly check the school blog and eduly app to keep up to date with all the latest information.


RHS Flower Show

We have just been informed that our application to take part in the Royal Flower Show at Tatton Park in June/July has been accepted. We entered for the first time last year with Mrs Bott and Mrs Scholes leading our project.


We made valuable links with the gardeners at Wythenshawe Park, who assisted our project and we achieved a merit at the show.  I am delighted that we have been accepted again knowing that our children will gain life experiences they may not have had before!


Parents Week

At the end of December, we invited parents into school to celebrate their children’s work in the classroom. This was the first time we have asked parents to come in this way and it has proven to be very popular with pupils, parents and staff. All parents I spoke to enjoyed the experience and many thanks for working with the school. We will be asking parents in again around Easter to see your child’s work and celebrate their successes.


School Prefects

Our school prefects have written their article in this newsletter to let you know what interesting books they are reading in school. Here is this week’s article.

The Hive

Library Book Review: The Hunger Games

Jacob Trikic

The hunger games is a book about a world which is spread into 13 districts and every once in a while one boy and one girl from each district (26 people) fight to the death based on survival, knowledge and fighting skills. The entire death match is broadcasted all over the world the last alive wins.

When sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen steps forward to take her sister’s place in the games, she sees it as a death sentence but Katniss has been close to death before as her survival is second nature.

My favourite part is when Katniss cuts down a nest of poisonous insects on the enemies killing one slowly the rest ran off in fear. I personally love this book as it is keeps you hooked.

If you like action filled books, this will be the one for you.


The school is continuing to develop its’ attendance policy which we started last year. As a school it is vital that children attend regularly to develop their learning. We are actively promoting excellent attendance by giving rewards half-termly and annually to promote this as can be seen from our policy. Please ensure your children are in school on time to give them the most opportunity to enjoy their primary education and make as much progress as possible. Our school target is to obtain 96.5% attendance and we are currently way below this level! Any class with 100% attendance for the week will receive extra play and all attendance will be celebrated at assemblies.


After School Club

Can I remind all parents that they should contact the school office if they wish their children to attend the club. Prices remain the same as last year and we hope you take advantage of this extra service.


School Dinners

Due to our expanding school, we are continuing to have staggered lunchtimes. This proved to be very successful last year and the children and staff are happy with the arrangements. The weekly menu is available on the school website. The option of a halal dinners continues to be available this school year. The cost of a school dinner is £2.20 per day (£11 per week).  A selection of fruit is available at dinner times to encourage healthy eating!


Your child’s belongings

Please ensure that your child’s school bag, uniform items, PE kit, water bottle and lunch boxes etc. are labelled with child’s name and class.  Every day there are lost items and this will help us to identify which children items belong to. Thank you for your support.

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