Exploring The Problem…

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The children were exploring the problem practically…how many bags do we need if we have 20 chocolates and we put two chocolates in each...   Read More


16-17: Year3Comments Off on Photographers

Christo has been photographing our model, Ugo. Check out his interesting poses!


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Ibrahim has been showing off his photography skills by taking snaps of our model, Louis! Great effects 💁🏼

Quiet Critters!

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All is calm and quiet in Year 3 The quiet critters are desperate to be free. Squished and packed into their soundproof jar Ready...   Read More

Football News

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⚽️⚽️Tomorrow nights Boys football match has unfortunately been cancelled. The fixture will be re arranged as soon as possible. ⚽️⚽️ The girls match is...   Read More

Looking At Lowry.

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Today we’ve had the pleasure of having an artist, called Louise, visiting our classroom. She showed us some paintings by the artist LS Lowry....   Read More

Our Toy Prototypes

16-17: Year4Comments Off on Our Toy Prototypes

Our Toy Prototypes

16-17: Year4Comments Off on Our Toy Prototypes

Year 5TF Christmas Fayre Preparations

This week we will be busy preparing our Santa sleighs ready to sell on Friday. We hope to see you all there.

Christmas Fayre

16-17: HeadteacherComments Off on Christmas Fayre

  We have our Christmas Fayre coming up next Friday and I hope you will support it as enthusiastically as you normally do. We...   Read More

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