Year 4 map skills

Year four have been looking at maps of China, identifying significant places and locating physical and human features.

🔩Woodwork project 🔨

The children have enjoyed our recent woodwork project, we have been working on constructing our vehicle designs, so that all the children have their...   Read More

Tasty Butter Bean Patties 🍔

The children enjoyed making magical, healthy butter bean burgers linked to Jack and the Beanstalk! The children learnt all about the ingredients, we also...   Read More

Young Voices Meeting

Rack House hosted the latest Manchester Healthy Schools Voicebox meeting this afternoon where Councillors and Eco Warriors from schools across Manchester came together. Well...   Read More


We started our new chapter in maths today! We are going to be looking at volume, so we decided to collect lots of facts...   Read More

Chinese New Year

The children have been learning the Chinese New Year story.


We have moved on to our new chapter in Maths which is fractions. We have been looking at halves and quarters and how we...   Read More

Art Day: Texture

We’ve had another fab art day, today. This one was all about texture. We used stones, grass, sand, oats, rice and more. The children...   Read More

Rivers of the World

The children have been locating and researching different rivers around the world. We used atlases, maps and globes to help us.

🕺🏾Dancing 💃

Our dance group tried on their new hoodies for a festival they will be taking part in next month.

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