Recognising Money

This week, Reception have enjoyed learning all about money. We are now beginning to recognise the different coins and sort them. We are also...   Read More

Sale Circle Year 3 Photos

Well done year 3!

Year 4 Sale Circle Photos

Well done year 4!

Sale Circle Project

Well done to the year 3,4 and 5 children who braved the poor weather to litter pick around Sale Circle! We have a big...   Read More

Aquarium Crafts!

The children have started designing and planning their own aquarium in Art/DT this afternoon. Thinking about the materials and equipment they will need and...   Read More

Watching the launch

We watched the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket on Wednesday 1st May 2019. If you don’t already know about it – it’s one...   Read More


Did you know that the sun is a  star? Space is full of planets called Mars Uranus Pluto (this planet is a dwarf planet)...   Read More

The planet poem!

Space is a place with millions of stars, And many planets including mars, The Earth is a planet with living things, It is special...   Read More

Geology Rocks

This afternoon, the children became geologists and have investigated different rocks. They had to sort the rocks based on different criteria and a Venn...   Read More


whats inside inside the sun? how old is the company Nasa? what happened to pluto? why is pluto a small planet? how many times...   Read More

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