Nebula Art

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In my class we all did nebula art . We used oil pastels,paint,chalk,pencils. We did this because in topic we are learning about space

Nebula Art

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We have been making Nebula art in Science the materials are chalk, paint, oil pastels, crayons. In this piece of art the colours we...   Read More

Galaxy Art

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Our Tadpoles Are Frogs!!!

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Wedding fever!

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This morning, in preparation for the Royal Wedding, we have been discussing what it means to get married. The children have had lots of...   Read More

Researching Russia

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In my class we have been researching about Russia. We were put into groups and we had to make a poster on Russia. In...   Read More

Russian Reunion

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We have been working in groups to fill a sheet of paper with facts about Russia for example the Russian flag is the French...   Read More

Russia Research

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We were researching about the largest country which was Russia and we made a poster which was then presented to the class A few...   Read More

Super Space Facts

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In class I have been making a poster with all the facts I know about the earth moon and sun on

Space Can Be Colourful!

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On the third of May 2018 we created a intagalactic ,colourful poster with facts about the Earth, Moon and Sun. Check it out!

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